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System Troubleshooting
Is your system working, but could use improvement? We can optimize the performance of your system by performing normal maintenance, optimizing system settings, and removing internet menaces such as viruses and advertising software.
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Office Workstation Assessment
Every office has at least one really cranky PC. It's slow, it freezes regularly, and constantly has to be rebooted. Employees find it impossible to get anything done on it, and begin to avoid it like the plague. It's labeled as a bad machine... But there's probably not much wrong with it...
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System rebuilding
Sometimes the system software on a perfectly healthy computer is so badly damaged that it's more cost effective to erase the entire disk and reinstall from scratch. In this instance, we can move your data to a safe place, erase the hard drive, install a pristine operating system, and restore your data to a like-new machine.
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Office Network Evaluation-Cleanup
Even perfectly configured computers have problems on a misconfigured network. Improper cabling, outdated print drivers, and obsolete networking hardware can raise Cain with the finest of hardware.
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System Upgrades
In many instances a system isn't malfunctioning at all... It just needs a boost in performance to help it do what its owner wants it to do in a timely fashion. We are well equipped to perform cost-effective hardware upgrades; as well as, evaluate the feasibility of upgrading your system.
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Used Equipment Services
Is your network equipment outdated? Was a quote to upgrade it more than you could afford? Our experience of navigating the used equipment market allows us to find networking gear with functionality close to that of a new unit at a drastically reduced cost.
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