System Rebuild Services

Rebuilding a system entails erasing the contents of the systems hard drive, then reinstalling the Operating System (Windows) and all previously installed applications. It might sound simple, but unless you're willing to part with all the files on the hard drive, it isn't.

All too often, a damaged system has a large amount of data on it that cannot be lost. Depending on how risk averse a client is, several methods can be used to preserve user data:

1.) File Copy to a Network Server or Removable Storage Device: In this instance, the client tells us which files are to be saved. These files are copied to a Network server or portable storage device (usb/external), then returned to the system once its hard drive has been erased and the operating system reinstalled.

2.) Copy client files to a Backup or Removable Storage Device (client provides): Similar to the above, but the client has a permanent record of all his files on the day the system was rebuilt.

3.) System Imaging: A "picture" of your systems hard drive is taken, resulting in a massive file on our storage server. Such a measure protects you from losing data that you forgot to point out to us. In this instance, any data that was not restored after the system was rebuilt can be restored by applying the image file to another hard drive, providing an *exact* replica of your system before it was rebuilt.

4.) Recover Data & Reconfigure: We are also capable of recovering data from a crashed hard drive, and then can transfer this to a new healthy hard drive or if you just want to upgrade to a larger hard drive, this same procedure can be utilized. We can get your system up and running again as soon as the same day or up to 72 hours depending on your needs!

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