System Tune Up Services

Does your system need a tune up? Usual indications of this include:
- Periodic System Crashing
- Occasional, unpredictable Blue-Screen-of-Death
- Applications freezing unpredictably
- Frequent need to reboot the computer
- Large number of unsolicited advertisements

Causes for this include:
- Insufficient system memory (RAM)
- Improper system settings need optimizing.
- Viruses
- Adware accidentally installed while browsing websites

Typical tune up service includes the following:
- Open the system case, BLOW OUT ALL THE DUST
- Evaluate the condition/age of the system components
- A quick adjustment of system settings
- Removal of any accidentally installed adware and viruses.
- Update Anti-Virus definition files if needed.

Frequently, these simple steps are all that's necessary to clean up a cranky PC. During the cleanup process, we also check for hardware problems which can only be addressed by replacing parts.

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