Used Equipment Services

If you have equipment that's sitting around Idle...

Almost every one of our clients has a bone yard of retired systems. Whether they're broken or obsolete, they sit idle with what little marketable value they have decreasing with the passage of each day. And all this time, they're taking up valuable storage space that could store something that aids it's parent organization in generating a profit.

Our staffs trained eye and good horse sense for the used equipment market can quickly size up your surplus IT equipment, and provide you with one of five options:

1. A Cash offer for the equipment (if the equipment is sellable)
2. An offer to haul it off for free (if the equipment is marginally sellable)
3. A quote that we'll charge to remove and dispose of it (if it's total junk)
4. Free advice on market value and the best way to liquidate it. (If the stuff is too big for us to handle, or we can't strike a deal)
5. A tax write-off!! Write it off by donating it to our nonprofit sector:!!!
   We offer itemized documentation of your donation on our letter head, and your troubles are wisked away.
   Get rid of those old upgraded, end-of-life, or damaged PC's and antiquated laptops with cracked screens the "Green Tech" way and recycle them here!

The result? Your office has money for a pizza party, and a cumbersome obstacle to productivity is purged from your workplace! We resell your equipment via our local marketplace channels, or disassemble it for parts to use in the course of our business or to sell on eBay.

It's truly a situation where everybody wins. Does your company have an Information Technology bone yard? Email: Today!

Do you have older equipment you can't afford to retire?
You may have an older server on hand that you can't afford to replace. Demand on it's existing resources is starting to swamp it. You've priced disks or memory from the factory, and they're brutally expensive. Underpowered and overtaxed, the system stays in production without an economically feasible solution. Yet there is hope. Though they aren't easy to find, plenty of systems similar to yours are being retired. We run across such systems at swap meets, auctions, or are donated to us and glean their parts for systems like yours, which we sell at a HUGE discount compared to factory prices or for just the labor charge to install and configure. What we have around varies from week to week... But if you've shopped prices on parts for an older system, and come back with nothing more than a bad case of sticker shock, give us a call and we may be able to come up with some pleasantly surprising numbers!!! ;)

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