Workstation Assessment Services

It's the worst system in the office...

It started as a perfectly good system. Then it was used by an administrative assistant that installed three chat clients, two music sharing programs, five browser plug-ins, and a desktop theme. Then it went to someone else that never did get the message about not opening up strange email attachments, and a virus got loose on it. After that, the guy from accounting that supposedly knows a lot about computers came by and tried to fix it, and things went downhill from there....

The affected workstation either occupies an idle desk or gets pigeonholed in a storage area. Too good to throw away but not functional enough to use, its useable lifespan dwindles as its resellable value resumes its steady path which will eventually end at nil.

The workstation represents a company asset.... An expenditure in cash which is unable to provide a return on its investment. It's using up storage space, and left alone will never amount to anything other than a write-off when it becomes too old to use with current software.... We represent a means to fix the worst workstation in the office... To clean up the junk applications that are plaguing it, or by reloading the software altogether. If you have similar workstations, the fully rebuilt system can be imaged into a large file, and this image can be applied to other malfunctioning workstations in a matter of minutes. Storage space is freed up... Your worst workstation has a clean build, and can replace the 2nd Worst workstation in the office. If the 2nd worst workstation in the office is similar, the build used to fix the worst workstation can be applied to it in a matter of minutes.

Storage space is freed up. Your workers are more productive. Idle assets are back in production. Money has been saved, and the purchase of new equipment has been circumvented.

You still don't want to mess with the old workstation?
Then take advantage of our surplus equipment buying services!
read more about it HERE.

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