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"PC" Asset Management\For Peace Of Mind

WWSS is a Greater Kansas City local Computer Consultation & Repair Organization - Formerly known as "Microsoft MAR Project". Very economical flat rate hourly's Starting at just $60.00 per hour (that's half the price of other competition!!!) Computer (services provided) Geeks On-Site / Phone / Remote Support (troubleshooting & repair services) company; as well as, a small international remarketing company selling mostly government seized, just off-lease, or donated surplus from companies that over-haul their technology services. These seemingly obsolete computer products, telecom, network, lab and test equipment are then qualified refurbished, to be remarketed. WWSS sells at both retail and wholesale levels in our full capacity, even offering discounted donations to qualifying recipients and non-profit organizations. Contact us today to find out how we can help you maximize the value of your surplus inventory.

Surplus and obsolete assets can cripple your business. It is estimated there is over $60 billion in surplus equipment in companies across the US. Touch costs, support costs and warehousing costs add daily to your bottom line and liabilities while that same inventory continually loses value. It is a dangerous combination.

WWSS can help you today by providing a range of surplus asset-driven management services that include removal, evaluations, Professional Certified Data Destruction, re-distribution, refurbishing, and donations upon request. Non-remarketable electronic equipment is demanufactured into commodities for sale to licensed recyclers for secure destruction and environmentally friendly demanufacturing.

WWSS buys, resells and properly disposes of primarily technology-related equipment from homes and offices. We provide a range of surplus asset management services that include:

- Material Assessment and Purchase
- Professional Removal and Transport Services
- Records Management
- Off-Lease Services
- Consignment Services
- Assured Destruction of Proprietary Material
- Environmentally Responsible Recycling

Environmental Responsibility

We believe the most effective way to keep landfills from becoming more dangerous is to find as many ways as possible to reutilize equipment. At WWSS we have been recycling computers and other obsolete technology equipment for more than 15 years. If old equipment is truly at the end of its useful life, even in developing markets, we use alternative methods to extract the last vestiges of value through recycling. Which in turn reaffirms and inspires in what we truly believe in, such as The Community, Education and Strong Coffee!

Recycling Information

WWSS buys equipment in quantity from corporations and organizations. We do not buy from individuals. If you have old equipment that needs to be disposed of, we allow drop-off's but require a day in advance notice for a scheduled drop-off time, please. At least your dinasaur relics will become a deduction in your favor as close to Fair Market Value (FMV±) as you feel worth. Meanwhile another underserved indivudual gets the component they were hoping would resurface someday, somehow???

Computer Disposition

WWSS takes computers, peripherals for demanufacture and recycling. If the quantity is large enough, WWSS can arrange pick-ups for commercial customers at little or no cost depending on your after-market needs. (i.e. If you simply do not have time or the resources ensure proper data destruction of storage and hard drive devices?) We will provide Certified D.O.D. (Dept. of Defense) print-outs to ensure your data doesn't fall into the wrong hands FREE of Charge, just for choosing us!
Now that is peace of mind!!!

Items We Accept

WWSS does not take furniture, white goods, microwaves, appliances, media (like CD's) etc. These products should be taken to your local municipal transfer site.

We Accept:

- Manufacturing
- Test
- Lab
- Electronics
- Computer
- Phone Systems
- Cabling
- Circuit Boards

It's truly a situation where everybody wins. Does your company have an Information Technology bone yard? Email: Today!
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MOBILE: (816) 845-7260

Office Hours: M-F ~ 7:30 AM to 10:30 PM
7 AM to 10 PM Sunday! Central (For General or Technical Support!)
[CLOSED Saturday]

Viewing Hours: M-F 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Sunday 7 AM to 10:00 PM Central
[CLOSED Saturday]
BY APPOINTMENT ONLY ~ (at least a day in advance notice, please).

Feel free to view our MO LLC filing here:

Welcome to our mission statement:

"We look forward to a time when refurbishers will be synonymous with bridging the Digital Divide
by making properly licensed refurbished technology affordable and easily accessible
to every eligible non-profit and underserved individual on the planet
to help them achieve their potential."

- Michael A. Colvin ~ Founder.

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